Last week, with the huge help of SKOK Centrum (for which we would like to thank you again), we transported 2 equipped ambulances to Ukraine. The items delivered in the ambulances included, among others: medical refrigerators, defibrillators, respirators, orthopedic boards. The ambulances are to serve in eastern Ukraine, but for security reasons they were handed over in Lviv. The ambulances to Lviv were driven by the President of the Via Stella Credit Union Foundation, Rafał Matusiak, and one of our volunteers.
The handover of the ambulances went smoothly and, fortunately, safely. We have received information that both ambulances have reached their destination.
This Via Stella journey was accompanied by guests from the USA: Brian Branch, a member of the Program Board of the „Via Stella” Credit Unions Foundation, and Frank Diekmann, a journalist at, whose description of this trip can be found at the following link: