The Via Stella Foundation donated agricultural equipment to Ukrainian members of Credit Unions. We hope that this help will make it easier for many people to function in these difficult conditions.

Credit Union “Oberig”: Stories from members, who received agricultural equipment

  1. Iryna has been served by our credit unions for a long time. She has a land that she cultivates together with her children. This activity brings the main income to the family. The small farm has an old horse that helped with the land cultivation, but could no longer meet all the farming needs. Recently, the family hoped to take a loan to purchase either a young horse or equipment for cultivating the land. But unfortunately for this family, such a loan amount was not affordable.

When the gift was presented, a lot of words of gratitude were heard, although at first in a wave of emotions, the owner of the new mini tractor could not even formulate them. Those eyes full of joy, sincere words of gratitude, delight at the received gift, all this was so opean and sincere.

For her family, as Ms. Iryna said, it is a very significant and timely assitance in such difficult times for everyone.

  1. Olga runs her own small farm with cattle outside the city. Fresh milk and all dairy products, which she produces, is sold in the city. A woman has been taking loans from our credit union for quite some time, although her husband is not very happy with her loans, but understands that with their help a lot was purchased for the household.

When receiving the mini tractor, the woman burst into tears and constantly asked how much it would all cost her. And she could not believe that all this was for free for her family. When she called his husband, he also at first could not believe that it was possible to receive such a gift at such a time. Their joy knew no bounds.

  1. A young family bought a house in the village and began to repair it little by little. They raise two children and run a small farm with several cows and a horse. They sell their dairy products in the town of Ovruch, Zhytomyr Oblast.

At present, the entire household fell on the young woman’s shoulders, as her husband went to serve in the armed forces of Ukraine, while her mother is now helping with the household. When receiving the mini tractor, the woman had mixed emotions – both tears and joy, for which she kept apologizing all the time. When the lady collected herself, she explained why she behaved this way. A week before her cow died, so she had been in despair, and the gift provided turned to be a real boon for the family.

  1. Leonid has five cows on his small farm and grows fodder for livestock on his own land. He always had to lease the equipment for cultivating the land and harvesting, as he did not have his own.

Men’s emotions are slightly different from women’s, but the surprise and excitement was so great that the man could not believe what was happening. Only when the documents were signed for the transfer of the mini tractor to the owner, he believed that everything that was happening to him was real.

“With your helping hand, I will try to turn everything into reality and achieve the maximum result!”, he said.

  1. A woman from a village in the Ruzhinsky district of Zhytomyr Oblast has a difficult fate. A year ago, she her daughter died of cancer, so she is raising her granddaughter alone. Her son is currently defending Ukraine, serving in the Ukrainian armed forces. The woman has her own land plot, which she cultivates, and this brings additional income to the family.

She started farming when she realized that she needed to put her granddaughter on her feet.

The woman’s emotions were so sincere when she was handed the mini tractor that she simply hugged everyone non-stop. She thanked for another happy day of her life and thanked fate that she is with the credit union and that we never disappoint her.

In the interests of the safety of recipients, the photos have been anonymized.